Services and Philosophy

Learning and Playing

Parents of kids who exhibit aspects of giftedness are concerned with both the intellectual and social development of our children. Because of the sensitivities of our students, we have developed groups that are designed to address issues in both areas of development – in unison.

Our groups allow kids with exceptionalities an intellectually stimulating environment where social learning and peer connections can be explored under the supervision and guidance of state certified teachers and clinically licensed staff.
We are all familiar with the term socialization, but at GLC we go deeper, being concerned with the developmental aspects of our students’ social experiences.

Our view is that a great deal of learning occurs in the process of playing. Add the inquisitive nature that is the foundation of the gifted learner and our experience is that a session becomes an opportunity for simultaneous learning on many levels – we recognize, embrace and thrive on this reality.

Our programs allow kids an environment where their autonomous (self-directed) grasp of ideas are fostered and celebrated by our experienced and creative staff. Recognizing the gifted learner’s need for autonomy facilitates the students’ “buy-in” that is so essentially a part of the gifted learning style.

Other Services Offered:

  • Individual, couple, and family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Parenting support
  • Clinical supervision
  • Continuing education for professionals

Parent connection groups: The focus is on connecting parents with other parents to share ideas, resources, and frustrations.
Parent support groups: These are essentially therapeutic in nature, with a primary focus on dealing with the stress of parenting a gifted child, including how to handle relationships with siblings.

The Center supports gifted and profoundly gifted students in many ways, including as a summer program, an adjunct to families who home school, as an after school resource for students, or as a summer program.
Montessori informed service delivery under the direction of experienced staff, with respect for self-determination and discussion.
Highly customized social emotional support in an intellectually stimulating environment with flexible 90 minute sessions from 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm, M– F
Providing nurturing and thoughtful staff, student, parent and community relationships