Vision Statement

Provide an engaging and welcoming environment that attends to the intellectual, relational, and health and wellness needs of our students so that they can realize their potential. Through a structure that develops community and nurtures curiosity, we will help our students respond to and harness the motivations and autonomy of their intellect, to explore the arts and their creative callings, and respect nature and the world around them.

The Center supports gifted and profoundly gifted students in many ways, including as a summer program, an adjunct to families who home school, as an after school resource for students, or as a summer program.
Montessori informed service delivery under the direction of experienced staff, with respect for self-determination and discussion.
Highly customized social emotional support in an intellectually stimulating environment with flexible 90 minute sessions from 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm, M– F
Providing nurturing and thoughtful staff, student, parent and community relationships