Dr. Jay Einhorn presenting on learning disabilities

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Professionals in Learning Disabilities and Special Education


Learning Disabilities Then and Now:  Models, Economics, Politics, Practice, Viability

Presented by Jay Einhorn, PhD.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016  

7:00 PM

McCracken Middle School

8000 East Prairie Road

Skokie, IL  60076

Fifty-three years after Samuel Kirk introduced the term "Learning Disabilities" in Chicago, what is the state of the field?  Public education is expected to address learning disabilities, and a domain of private providers has evolved, but inconsistency is the rule.  Issues of what constitutes Learning Disabilities, how they are diagnosed, what appropriate remediation means, and who is responsible to provide it, are sources considerable disagreement.  This presentation will discuss these disagreements as well as the emerging information about brain structure and the expansion of the term Learning Disabilities.  We will look at the world of Learning Disabilities and examine the viability of the field for today and tomorrow.

Jay Einhorn is a clinical psychologist and professional counselor in Evanston, where his practice includes psychotherapy and neuropsychological evaluations, as well as consultation to therapists and diagnosticians.  He is a Clinical Supervisor at the Counseling program of the Family Institute of Northwestern University, Immediate Past President of the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology, and author.

DISCLAIMER:Professionals in Learning Disabilities and Special Education is a not-for-profit organization offering continuing education programs to inform members of current instructional practices, assessment, and policy issues in the field of learning disabilities.  PLD/SE also offers a referral service to the community, providing qualified professionals for diagnostics and remediation.  PLD/SE provides programs as a service to its members.  PLD/SE does not endorse any specific program, speaker, instructional materials, method, treatment, or evaluation center for children with disabilities.  

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More information: Learning Disabilities Then and Now: Models, Economics, Politics, Practice, Viability 

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