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Student work

"RANdom stories"

Once upon a time there was magical couch who loved to eat light bulbs. So, he went to the supermarket and purchased 3000...

Super Symbiotic Study Project

SSSP 9/22/16

Today there has been a hint that something will happen on September 30th. Information is vague, however, the phrases : "things will happen",...

Student work

Breaking News

We just found out that one of our own has been selected to participate in a UN Youth General Assembly on environmental issues...

The Center supports gifted and profoundly gifted students in many ways, including as a summer program, an adjunct to families who home school, as an after school resource for students, or as a summer program.
Montessori informed service delivery under the direction of experienced staff, with respect for self-determination and discussion.
Highly customized social emotional support in an intellectually stimulating environment with flexible 90 minute sessions from 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm, M– F
Providing nurturing and thoughtful staff, student, parent and community relationships