About Us

Gifted Learning Center - North Shore is an social emotional resource that facilitates healing experiences for gifted children .We can help them understand why they are not happy at school, and help them make the adjustments so they can be.

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We are a resource for families who need to help their child understand how to balance their internal functioning with their external situations. We address how a passionate gifted kid  learns and interacts with their world. As you know, being gifted isn’t something that is an add-on, it is who they are it can affect how they live in small ways and big ways. How they learn is one of the the avenue that we use to help them feel more satisfied and have fewer frustrating challenges. 




The Center supports gifted and profoundly gifted students in many ways, including as a summer program, an adjunct to families who home school, as an after school resource for students, or as a summer program.
Montessori informed service delivery under the direction of experienced staff, with respect for self-determination and discussion.
Highly customized social emotional support in an intellectually stimulating environment with flexible 90 minute sessions from 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm, M– F
Providing nurturing and thoughtful staff, student, parent and community relationships