Master Clinician Lecture Series

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Master Clinician Lecture Series

It's time for the next installment in the Master Clinician Lecture Series! The purpose of this series is to explore complexity in its various forms as we all strive to become masters of clinical work. This month, I will be leading the discussion. The topic is Layers of Meaning: What are we really saying? In this discussion we'll try to unpack some of what happens in therapy conversations using concepts from Grice's conversational maxims, Austin's illocutionary acts, and Searle's speech acts. I bring my background in anthropology and linguistics into my work, and I'd love to talk together about what happens when one mind moves another mind through language. What is being communicated, explicitly and implicitly? And where is there space to support the therapeutic process by unpacking some of that communication?

I'll present some of the key concepts and then we can have some discussion together about what that adds to our clinical perspective.

What: Layers of Meaning: What are we really saying?
When: Monday, September 12, 10:00 - 11:30
Where: Gifted Learning Center~North Shore
466 Central Ave, Suite 21
Northfield, Illinois 60093

1.5 CEs are available for social workers and counselors; the cost is $15. Please call or email me to reserve a spot!

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