For clinicians- MCLS 1/9/17

Hi folks!

I imagine that many of you are working on new year's resolutions to think about the role of money in your relationship with your clients/patients, and you're in luck! This month's Master Clinician Lecture Series addresses exactly that issue. As you probably know by now, the purpose of this series is to explore complexity in its various forms as we all strive to become masters of clinical work. This month Dr. Jay Einhorn returns to present Psychoeconomics: Psychodynamics of Money and Meaning. He'll be talking with us about understanding the meaning of money, dynamically, both inside and outside the therapy room. 

We live in an economic world, but psychotherapy takes little notice of it.  Our relationships—romantic, family, personal, community, professional, political—take place in a psychoeconomic matrix.  Psychoeconomics is the study of the meaning and dynamics of money in our experience of ourselves and our relationships with others.  Money and sex are treated similarly in our culture; flaunted in our media yet also taboo, and therapeutic training gives us little preparation to engage in meaningful conversations about them with our clients.  This presentation will explore the role of economics in personality and relationships, and the implications of psychoeconomics for psychotherapy and understanding human nature.  

Jay Einhorn, PhD, LCPC, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Evanston, Clinical Supervisor at the Family Institute of Northwestern University, and Consulting Psychologist at Roycemore School.  He is Chair of Peer Study Groups, and Immediate Past President, of the Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology.  A prolific presenter with diverse interests, Dr. Einhorn presented on “Consultation in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” at the Illinois Counseling Association conference in November; “Psychotherapy, Religion and Spirituality” at the Unitarian Church of Evanston, also in November; and “Parents and Children Reading Together,” at the Fortieth Annual Statewide Conference for Teachers of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students, in Oak Brook, in December.      

What: Psychoeconomics: Psychodynamics of Money and Meaning

When: Monday, January 9, 10:00 - 11:30

Where: Gifted Learning Center~North Shore

 466 Central Ave, Suite 21

 Northfield, Illinois 60093

1.5 CEs are available for social workers and counselors; the cost to attend is $15. Please call or email me to reserve a spot!

See you there,

Noriko Martinez, PhD, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Consultant

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